I believe in taste.

Chic is like hot sauce. Its used to excite the senses, and add an extra layer of depth to the meal.

However, if the ingredients of the sauce are inauthentic, the sauce is no good and can actually ruin the meal.

For example, a hot sauce made with hot pepper extract rather than genuine peppers, is a sauce with no substance.

It gives you the heat (too much most of the time) with none of the flavor. This is because all you’re getting is the oils from the peppers seeds, without any of the depth of flavor that the actual peppers provide.

This is a problem.

Its usually the sauce with the most heat that gets the most attention. The actual flavor of the sauce is often of less importance.

Its all based on shock value. Which ever sauce is the most painful, is the sauce that gets the most attention.

But there’s nothing behind the vail! After the pain subsides there is no catharsis. It doesn’t further the discussion.

I’m interested in making hot sauce with authentic, fresh, and flavorful ingredients.

All of the heat, AND all of the flavor.

I believe in taste.